On turning 22 and a whirlwind week

Because I haven’t been regularly updating this blog, I’ll do an update post! 😀

So last week was a whirlwind one for me. There’s a lot going on at work while I’m desperately trying to organize my life. In an effort to make sense of everything while ticking that tiny box in my to-do list which says “update blog”, here are the highlights of my week:

– Sound branding and creative radio ads may be lagging behind the developments of print and TVCs but Tony Hertz, founder and creative director of Hertz:Radio, said that it’s about time creatives put equal attention to this medium.

Hertz spoke at the 10th Philippine Association of National Advertisers held at Hard Rock Cafe, Glorietta 4 last Thursday. With his deep, radio voice, he explained the pitfalls of ignoring this area in advertising. To read more about sound branding, retail soundscape and the importance of sound, click here.


– Last week, I turned 22! 🙂 More realizations hit me like a strong wave but they’re bearable. I’m sure these realizations will find their way to this blog in the days to come so watch out for it. 🙂

– The Hobbit, one of J.R.R. Tolkien’s beloved classic books, will be showing in cinemas on the first week of December. But before I set the date to watch it, I’m planning to join this reading challenge by RedeemedReader.com: The Hobbit Read Along. The challenge starts on November 5 and should end before the movie version is released. The good thing about these challenges? You’re never alone in your quest to finish reading a book, which is something I find hard to do these days. Try it out and tell me what you think!

– My online finds last week include: The Daily Muse and ProfessionGal. Both are excellent sources for the career-driven individual. They’re great for breaktime reading too!

– Last Friday, I went to my first Christian concert here in Manila, Saved Festival. Out of all the bands that performed, I liked Desperation Band the most. Primarily because I like their songs and second, because their songs never fail to lead me to worship God. One of my favorites is “Here in Your Presence”. I didn’t get to record the song when they performed it live because I prefer to experience the moment than concentrate on capturing it. Anyway, if you haven’t heard the song in all its majestic glory and praise of the One True God, watch it here.



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