Set Apart Girl May/June 2012

Summer is almost over but that doesn’t mean we can’t use a little bit of summer reading. Set Apart Girl is the online magazine produced by Leslie Ludy and a team of women set apart for God. And I absolutely love it. The photos, articles, the layout, and the general feel of the magazine helps lift up my spirit. What I love about the May/June 2012 issue is their set apart style article: “From Trashy to Tasteful: Elegant Alternatives to Today’s Sensual Styles”. I love reading fashion magazines but I’ve had enough of the loud prints and notice-me styles. If dressing elegantly in a God-honoring way is one of your struggles, I suggest you read this article.

In the set apart walk section, “An Intentional Vacation: How to Have a Summer Without Regrets” is a must-read. It’s inevitable that most of us, especially those who are on a two-month long break, let our hair down during the summer. It’s a time to rest, have fun, go on vacations, and, generally, just take a break from work or school. But the danger of this “chill” attitude is that we forget to spend time reading God’s Word. We forget the discipline we have imposed upon ourselves. Before you know it, you have gone through the rest of the summer without properly studying the Bible or spending time in prayer. Let’s always be vigilant and never give Satan and our flesh a foothold.

In the set apart relationships section, an article on set apart girl writer Tessa Hershberger’s and Nick Thompson’s engagement deserves our full attention. As Christians, yes we know that we are not to be unequally yoked with an unbeliever especially in marriage but tell me, how easy is it to remember that all the time? I’m going to be honest right now and tell you that it isn’t. Reading their story is a precious reminder of what God has in store for us if only we wait on Him. 

And in the set apart femininity section, Leslie Ludy writes about how much is too much when getting in the battle for the environment. “When Going Green Goes Too Far” gives us the right perspective in helping save the earth.

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